Sunday, 8 March 2020 – A merge of style, spirit and authenticity. Fashion industry game changer and well-respected advocate for change, Kwena Baloyi held an event at The Rand Club that morphed the ideals of classic workwear brand, Brentwood, with the concept of story-telling in an intimate, thought-provoking setting.

Surrounded by 40 fellow Brentwood loyalists – who have and will continue to choose quality apparel above all – Kwena bridged the gap and ignited a konversation that discussed how the concept #PassItOn is ingrained in the brand’s heritage. The brand’s ambassador Big Zulu and other noteworthy contributors kicked off the event in a panel discussion that quickly highlighted what the brand means to them, to street culture and the overall journey that a Brentwood garment accompanies the wearer on. Styling tips were exchanged, on-site tailoring was provided and secrets behind quality retention were shared as guests mingled in a space filled with like-minded individuals. Guests enjoyed the smooth sounds of jazz music whilst plugging into society-shifting konversations in doses that further push knowledge and history boundaries.  

Videographers and photographers documented the event with special moments taped in the space where Kwena divulged into the guest’s personal style story. Asking questions about childhood style icons and the like, Kwena encapsulated what it means to be a genuine Brentwood enthusiast through the stages of adoption, adaptation and lastly, appreciation.